Supercomfs® Lexicon

Learn the Language of Supercomfs®!

Sometimes you can’t find the right words to accurately describe something. That’s when you make it up! Check out some of the words and phrases that have become part of my
everyday vocabulary. Go ahead, speak Supercomfs!

Word/Phrase Meaning Origin Example of Use
Glitterally Literally glittery (can be used to describe things that aren’t actually glittery) My brain. The champagne is glitterally giving me a headache.
Skillbilities Skills that hillbillies have. My brain. That banjo player sure has skillbilities.
Heinchiedople Nonsense word. No actual meaning. May be used as a noun. My (3 year old) brain. I like your heinchiedople.
Nuclear Bomb of Cheese Used to describe something that is ridiculously bad or dumb to the point of being destructive. My brain. That brohipster just dropped the nuclear bomb of cheese with his matching chapeau and suspenders.
Nature’s Weirdos Another term for goats (the animal). My brain. Look at nature’s weirdos eating the tin cans and the recycling bin.
TIR Acronym: That Is Rich. Used to describe something that’s said or done that’s hilarious, or to describe a food that is actually dense and fatty. May also be used to introduce a person who’s name is Rich. My dad’s brain. Look at Rich delicately eating that foie gras in his bathrobe on the porch. TIR!


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